“Thought provoking, logical, slightly terrifying, and entirely plausible.”

Hello! I’m Jesse. I figured out a long time ago that I need to write stories or I will have a nervous breakdown. My bestselling science fiction novels Evolved and Burrow are available on Amazon. These days I’m working on short stories.

I’m also building and running Proton Reader, a not-for-profit digital publication for speculative fiction.

In Jesse’s World

  • The one where I was submitting for six months before my first acceptance in a SFWA market
    I was looking back at my posts and noticed that I’ve passed the six-month mark for posting one post on the first of each month. Neat! It serves as evidence for my personal hypothesis that small, easily achievable goals help to build discipline and confidence. I tell myself that I will publish at least one […]
  • The Constants of the Universe
    Sometimes I think about variables and constants in existence. What changes—always—and what stays the same? Ironically, the most important constant I’ve ever come across happens to be change. This month, things are changing for me. The last few years of existential reflection and stumbling are coming to a natural milestone—not one that I can articulate, […]
  • Inaugural Documents, More Short Stories, and the Needlessness of Words
    Sometime in October of this year we’ll be filing articles of incorporation for our company. We’re in California, which means we have an enormous $800 annual franchise tax bill even if we lose money that year. I wish this state would consider waiving any franchise tax fees for businesses that make less than minimum wage, […]

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