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This is my blog exclusively about me and my world of writing and reading and existing. I publish a new post on the first of every month. You can subscribe via RSS if you would like, or just bookmark this page. I hope you find it to be a bright spot in a world addicted to outrage.

Inaugural Documents, More Short Stories, and the Needlessness of Words
Sometime in October of this year we'll be filing articles of incorporation for our company. We're in California, which means we have an enormous $800 annual franchise tax bill even if we lose money that year. I wish this state would consider waiving any franchise tax fees for businesses that make less than minimum wage, because it feels like it stifles the idea of the American Dreamâ„¢ when you have to pay-to-play. By far the …
The Next Four Months & Thoughts On Anthologies
This summer, my wife and I realized that we're making enough from book sales that we can start using that money to fund new creative projects. One of those ideas that I've been cooking up for the past year or so was building a modern publishing company for other sci-fi/speculative fiction authors like me. So that's what we're setting out to do: we're building Proton Reader. Our first submission window will begin January 1st, 2022, …
Notes from the Grindstone
Some updates on a new publishing project and a sneak peek into my writing process.
The Submissions Begin
I'm packaging up some finished stories to submit to magazines.
The Inaugural Post
Getting into the flow of monthly updates, reading and recommending other anthologies, and more!