“EVOLVED is beyond good: it is exceptional.
The Haunted Reading Room

While struggling to pay her bills as a part-time archaeology instructor, Dr. Lexa Rogers is approached by Homeland Security to join a top secret team that investigates fringe international security threats. They want her because of her academic expertise in tooth fossils-and her experience as a counterintelligence Marine.

“A fast-paced plot that grabs you
and doesn’t let go!”
5-Star Review

The Parallel War is finally over. Survivors are scattered between the old world’s harsh desert remains, the contested new world, and giant stateships that use the Hyperdisk to go back and forth between universes. Governments have been loosely reestablished, and a semblance of civilization has reemerged.

But on the Orbital Colony, the largest starship that ever existed, the war never ended. When researchers discover a new way to travel between the universes without using the Hyperdisk, a thirst for power and retribution leads one of the highest-ranking military commanders to propel humanity back into turmoil. By using the Burrow Drive, an elaborate terrorist plot is staged in order to steal the new world from those charged with recording history.