The Inaugural Post

Welcome to the first ever issue of Jesse’s World aka the blog on this site that I have created to make sure I stop focusing on things that aren’t important to me and instead focus on my fiction! (Don’t worry, that’s the longest sentence of mine you’ll read… I think). I’m excited to get back into the habit of sending out updates directly to folks who are interested. Let’s get started!

Last month I finalized all the stories I want to include in my upcoming anthology The Man in the Moon & Others. Half of them will go straight into the anthology while the other half are going out to SFWA markets. Fingers crossed! The first time I was ever published by a magazine was back in high school, when I submitted a sad story called the Leaves of Summer to While scouring online to find it, I learned that is no longer in operation. It looks like I’ll never find that sad story after all. 

But onward to new horizons! This month, I’ll be finalizing a few of the longer mini-novellas for the anthology. While a great many of the stories will be on the shorter side (<5,000 words), several will be in the 10-15k range. I enjoy a good mix of lengths when I’m reading an anthology, and am hoping to provide an experience with ups, downs, lefts, rights, and a mix of excitement and expectation. My goal is to have this anthology complete by the end of the year. I don’t want to make any promises yet, but I do have Christmas 2021 in my sights. I would say “fingers crossed,” but we all know that the only thing we need is some dedicated writing time. 

For those of you who also write, the piece of advice I would like to share is one that I wish I had heard a long time ago: finish your story, get it out there, then get it closed. You have to move on; there are so many stories that need to be written, and we can’t always get hung up on the ones that are already complete. Do a good job, of course, but know when to call the job done and get going on your next project. 

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  • The Forward collection (link). A handful of short stories.
  • Ted Chiang’s Exhalation (link) and Stories of your Life and Others (link). Both are anthologies.

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