The myth of the distraction-free writing environment/software/tool/thing

We’ll never find a truly distraction-free thing to write in because the distractions are not coming from the computer, they’re coming from inside our mind.

Instead of framing the problem as needing to repel something, I am trying to frame the problem as needing to be more disciplined. Without discipline there is no output, and without output there are no stories (despite my crowded mind assuring me otherwise).

I have to come to terms with the fact that distractions are an external factor and discipline is an internal one. We often cannot control the external, but we are in absolute control of the internal.

So in short: there will never be such a thing as a distraction-free writing experience. Even if you’re writing in the quietest room on Earth, you will still have the worst distraction of all.

Your own mind.


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